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Welcome to Okeechobee!

I want to start by telling you about the area I was raised in and have hunted since I was 9 years old.

Platts Bluff, West of Okeechobee, is an island (Public Use Area) that is part of 28,595 acres of hunting land. This hunting is not for the amateur hunter; this hunting is for the hunter that wants a challenge!

The wildlife is definitely here!

Along with this public land, I also have private land available in the surrounding area. In the past I have taken youth hunting; I find this to be the most rewarding guide hunt of all. We need to teach our kids about the importance of hunting.

Each game hunter has his or her own equipment preferences. Therefore, we ask that you bring the following with you for your hunting experience at KRH&F:

Weapon of choice

Camouflage clothing

Good boots

Small flashlight

Insect repellent

Rain suit


Turkey Season 2 Days 1 Bird $1700 Deposit $500.00

Hog Hunts $200.00 w/Guide Trophy Hogs $350.00 & Up Additional Hogs $100.00 ($175.00 w/o Guide)

Alligator Trophy Fees 8Ft & Under $1200.00 9Ft -10 Ft $2000.00 10 Ft -11Ft $3500.00 11 Ft-up $5000.00

Gator Hunts (your tags) $500.00 per Tag $100.00 Deposit

Bass Fishing & Bow Fishing 4hrs 1 or 2 people 1/2 day $300.00 3/4 (6hrs) $350.00 8 hrs Full day $400.00 Deposit $100.00

Eco Tour 4 hrs $450.00 Deposit $50.00

Eco Tour Package 4hrs up to 6 people $500.00 Deposit $150.00 Additional person $75.00

Deer Hunts Buck 6 points & up $1500.00 Doe (meat deer) $500.00 Deposit $250.00

Hog & Fish Package $450.00 Deposit $100.00

Deer & Fish Package $1650.00 Deposit $400.00

Coyote $150.00 Deposit $50.00

Duck Hunts $300.00 Deposit $50.00 (Take Limit)

Dove Hunts $100.00 Deposit $50.00 (Take Limit)

Wild Cattle Hunt $5000.00 Deposit $1500.00

Spring/Summer Triple Package for 2 People $1550.00 Deposit $400.00 Includes: 2 Meat Hogs or 1 Trophy Hog--1 8ft or under gator + 4 hour Bow/Reel Fishing Trip

  • *Deposits are non-refundable
  • *Alligator & Deer Deposits are not included in fee
  • * Processing fee $25.00
  • *Processing fee for Deer & Alligator is $50.00
  • * Gun Rental $10.00

RIVER BLUFF 863-467-4371 Ask for Karen

PIER II RESORT 863-623-4704 Ask for Mike