We Want Your Shows!

Global Sportsman's Network wants to turn your archives into a passive revenue stream for your production house.

A Simple Plan:

  1. We ink an agreement.
  2. We ship you a hard drive.
  3. You ship us episodes.
  4. We distribute via GSN.
  5. We mail you royalty checks.

What is GSN?

Global Sportsman's Network is an on-line platform for all things outdoors. GSN will provide a home for TV shows, articles, and pod-casts of interest to people who love the outdoors.

The Perfect Home For:

  • A fan-favorite powerhouse series. Why bench your varsity squad just because the clock ran out on your network time? Let GSN get your key players back on field making you money.
  • A series you believe in. Provide GSN with a pilot, spec series or canceled series and we'll let the fans decide if it's viable. Let GSN resuscitate a passion project you still believe in.
  • Dust off the virtual rabbit ears and wrap them in tinfoil as GSN trips down memory lane into royalty checks. There is a fan base for old school outdoor programming. Digitize those old Betamax show tapes and let GSN monetize them for you.

A Few More Details:

Global Sportsman's Network pay s an industry standard royalty based on CPM's (viewership). Early content providers will receive an ever higher rate. The initial agreement will end 180 days from the arrival of media at GSN headquarters or GSN's launch, whichever comes later.

Each episode will have 6 fifteen-second targeted commercials. Content providers will retain half of these commercials and are welcome to sell them to their existing sponsors. GSN will share metrics with content providers on a monthly basis.

GSN will be available online, tablets and smart phones, in addition to set-top devices like Roku, X-Box and Blu-Ray players.

Contact Us Now!

Call us at 229-339-8090 or send us a message below.

The Numbers are Clear:

More and more users are viewing more and more content online, on-demand and there's room for every production house to benefit. Apps like DeskSite are proving that audiences are hungry for targeted niche content, consuming twelve hours per month on average. In 2012, Apple users spend $1.48 on on-demand video content. Hulu's subscribers are registering as view completions of 90% on higher.

What's one thing Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and other on-demand platforms don't have? Premium outdoor content.

Outdoor programming is a staple in more than 30 million American homes - but once that content airs, it disappears into an archive rarely to be seen again.

GSN Offers An Opportunity...

For content providers looking to breathe new life into old property and create new, passive revenue streams, find new audiences, and delight long-time fans with access to archive materials full of their favorite hosts and hunts from years gone by.

Video content will be delivered via a secure, top-tier Content Delivery Network - your content is safe from piracy and not available for re-sale or download.

Content provides will receive better than industry standard royalties - payments will be processed monthly. Site metrics and viewership data will also be shared to assist in engaging audience reception and advertising reach.