Kodiak Island

Afognak Wilderness Lodge

P.O. Box SYB, Seal Bay; Kodiak, Alaska 99697

Within the world-famous Kodiak Islands, Afognak Island is "tops" for anyone seeking Alaska’s finest combination destination. With both fresh & saltwater fishing PLUS a variety & abundance of wildlife PLUS some of the classiest accommodations, this has been a prized retreat since 1974 for photographers {professional & amateur}, sport-fishermen and adventurous vacationers. It is a scenic 25-minute floatplane flight from Kodiak or 50-minutes from Homer. In the multitude of spruce-forested fjords, this fantastic log wilderness lodge was built and has been operated by the pioneering Randall family and provides contemporary getaway comfort. It is ideal for parties with a diversity of interests so each person has something that really thrills them…then compare experiences at supper-time.

Along the majestic shores of the Gulf of Alaska, streams and their estuaries are tucked into cozy nooks that only a handful of people get to enjoy at the same time. Sockeye, Pink and Silver Salmon as well as Rainbow, Steelhead & Dolly Varden Trout call these streams home. Offshore, there’s a myriad of saltwater species waiting to saturate your fishing urge with the giant Halibut, right down to the delicate Flounder. All the spinning and deep-sea fishing equipment plus fly-fishing lures are available at the lodge for those who don’t have favorites of their own. At low tide, you can dig clams, harvest mussels, pursue an octopus or just investigate the interesting inter-tidal zone. {A guest freezer and waxed airline boxes are available for those who want to take all or part of their catch home.}

Multiple boats & guides provide yet another choice…outstanding almost-mosquitoless wildlife viewing, ranging from the popular Kodiak Brown Bear, assorted sea-mammals, soaring Bald Eagles to the comical Puffins. Guests have often included international filming crews who capture the unique combination of wildlife that this area offers. Some veteran travelers consider Denali Park to be their best time-investment for interior wildlife and Afognak Island's north end as their best time-investment for marine wildlife, due to the variety & abundance available. The new Afognak Island State Park has been established to preserve this delightful combination in its stunningly beautiful "enchanted" forest & fjord setting.

Spacious log guest cabins are elegantly rustic & cozy, nestled where the edge of the virgin Spruce forest meets with tranquil waters of a protected cove. Each cabin has two bedrooms, an ample living room and a modern bathroom with hot, running water & constant electricity…plenty of creature comforts. Hearty local cuisine is served family-style in the main lodge plus a dandy packed-lunch is prepared for an uninterrupted day with Mother Nature. Boats include fast, comfortable cabin-cruisers. It is ideal for those who want a casual yet active & adventurous day in the freedom of wilderness & sea.

Afognak Wilderness Lodge is an incredible experience in a totally remote atmosphere where you can play hard, eat big & sleep deep. It accommodates 15 guests and international references are readily provided. Its wholesomeness is popular with singles, couples, families and business groups alike, with many repeat & referred guests throughout the decades. The best way of describing your visit is to simply say, "You'll want to return." Lodge fees include first class accommodations, all meals, guided boat travel for fishing, wildlife viewing/photography, beachcombing and hiking. Bush-flights are not included due to various points of entry {Kodiak, Homer, Katmai, Anchorage, etc.} but these arrangements are made for you with the best available air-taxis and in conjunction with any other guests traveling at the same time, to reduce your costs. A twice-weekly mailplane is also available to passengers at a very reasonable rate, out of Kodiak. Fishing licenses are available separately through the lodge. Limited complimentary wine and beer are available at meals but feel free to bring your own.

Open May 20th - September 20th. Any day arrivals/departures, pending availability. No minimum stay.

Afognak Wilderness Lodge

Numerous international filming crews have captured-on-film the wide variety & abundance of fish & wildlife available in our corner-of-paradise.


SEA-LIONS - Within a ½ -hour boat trip from the lodge, there's an island with several hundred sea-lion that put on quite a good show, both on their island and in the water, surrounding our boats. It is pretty thrilling as they roar their hearts out… be sure you have plenty of film so you can share your memories when you return home.

SEAL - Our Seal Bay is not given its name without reason. The females herd up in May & June to give birth & tend to their pups. While the Salmon are running, it’s not unusual to find Seal in the shallow waters chasing down their next meal.

SEA-OTTER - Until 1911, the Russians heavily hunted these friendly mammals that are considered to have the mostvaluable pelts in the world. Their population has nicely recovered from near extinction to multiple thousands and, from our dining room & your guest cabin, some of them are in full view as they crack clam-shells open with a rock on their chests.

VARIOUS WHALES - Killer Whales ["King of the Sea"], Grey Whales, Humpbacks, Finbacks, Minke all migrate through here & put on quite a show…with 4-30 whales in a pod…which can be seen while out enjoying everything else.

PORPOISES - These are equally as friendly as the Sea Otters and can be seen traveling in groups of 6-12. Racing alongside or diving criss-cross underneath our boats, is one of the more familiar ways they are seen.

LAND MAMMALS BIG GAME - KODIAK BROWN BEAR, the world's largest bear, can be seen both on the multitude of saltwater beaches & along salmon-creeks, in a completely natural environment.

ROOSEVELT ELK have their only Alaskan home right here on our Afognak Island. Until early June, they are down low but, as the Summer progresses, you've got to do some uphill hiking to get an eyeful. Herds number about about 40-100 animals.

SITKA BLACKTAIL DEER are plentiful and can be seen scattered throughout our lush forest, grassy hillsides and along the beaches while getting their quota of natural salt-licks.

SMALL GAME - For extra interest & amusement, Nature has provided Land/River Otter, Beaver, Fox, Marten and Ermin/Weasel.


ONSHORE BIRDS - Bald Eagles, Hawks, Magpies, Crows, Ravens, Snipes, Oyster Catchers, Varied Thrushes, Woodpeckers, Kingfishers & Water Ouzels are the kinds commonly seen although there are still many left unmentioned.

SEA BIRDS - The more abundant varieties are the Tufted & Horned Puffins (also known as Sea-Parrots), Cormorants, Auklets, Murres, Loons, Petrels, Shearwaters and various Sea Gulls, Terns & Ducks.


You would be hard-pressed to find a place where the fishing is better than it is here. At our fishing spots, both along the stream banks & at the estuaries, the Salmon abound by the thousands and you do not have to compete to find your own friendly nooks.

SALMON - Nearby, we have three of the five species (Reds, Pinks & Silvers) targeting our streams. The Reds [Sockeyes] run from late May through to late-July; Pinks [Humpbacks] run from early-July throughout August; Silvers [Coho] run from late-July through early October.

TROUT - Rainbow, Steelhead and Dolly Varden are the varieties available in our gorgeous nearby streams.


We have an advantage over inland locations by also having the N. Pacific's bounty of seafood, ranging from bottom-fish to shell-fish, which also makes for first-class dining while with us. These fish are constant throughout the Summer.

HALIBUT - We have both deep-sea fishing poles & skate-type gear [long line with multiple hooks, anchored on the ocean floor] for you if you would like to help in plentifuling in the catch. Both methods are productive.

OTHERS - King Salmon circulate year-round and we troll for them. Ling-Cod, Sea-Bass, Flounder, Greenling, Yellow-Eye are abundant as well as the crustaceans: Mussels, Cockles & Clams.


Outside of viewing wildlife & getting your fill of fishing, you can go hiking through this “enchanted forest” or along beaches you'll have to yourself, go octopus-hunting, visit archeological sites OR just dig your bare feet into some long sandy beaches & relax in the sun. Each are enjoyed without the bother of any other people except that handful who are at our lodge

AirLine & Floatplane Transportation

To Afognak Wilderness Lodge

We are located in Seal Bay, on Afognak Island, the second largest of the Kodiak Islands, between the towns of Homer and Kodiak, therefore we can be easily accessed from either town. The majority of guests arrive here through Kodiak but for those who are already on the Kenai Peninsula, it is most practical to come here on a chartered floatplane directly from Homer. The costs are about equal (from Anchorage) if you have at least 3 in your party as it eliminates an airline fare. We recommend that you hotel in either town the night prior to your flight here, as morning Anchorage flights can be delayed. We make all the arrangements for the bush-flight portion for you, once we know your schedule.

Via Kodiak
Scheduled Airlines: Both Alaska Airlines and Ravn Alaska work together to bring in 7 flights/day, between Anchorage & Kodiak. The fare is about $400-$500/round trip, if booking via Internet (www.alaskaair.com).
Mailplanes: We have 2 weekly Summer scheduled flights with Island Air (907-487-5000) each Monday & Thursday, departing at 9am AND 1 weekly Fall/Winter/Spring flight (Tuesdays), departing Kodiak at 11:00am for $110/person. It is a 25 minute flight.
Chartered floatplanes – Between Kodiak & our lodge in Seal Bay, there are 2 main aircraft used by different air-taxi charter services for the 20-25 minute flight to our dock. Rates are subject to fluctuating fuel costs.
Cessna-206 1-4 passenger 750# max. load $480/charter
Beaver 4-6 passenger 1,200# max. load $702/charter

Once we see how many guests will travel on any given date, we’ll reserve the appropriate sized aircraft for you. This is usually fairly affordable. For example, for a group of 4 arriving here, you would use the "Beaver" and divide the cost 4 ways, thus $175/person, one-way.

As a general rule, we have the flying services pick you up at your hotel lobby at 7:30am, have you aboard their floatplane by about 8:30am & arrive here about 9:00am. [Therefore, exiting guests depart about 9:15am.] Just as soon as you can get yourself organized (an hour or less), you can then go directly out in one of our cabin-cruisers for a full day of wilderness adventures. You can also arrive/depart other times of the day but it is most practical to arrive as described in order to benefit from a full day, either here or to wherever you are next headed.

Hotels: Kodiak Inn - [888] 563-4254; overlooks picturesque small-boat harbor "downtown".
Comfort Inn - (800) 544-2202; adjacent to Kodiak's small airport

Via Homer...
Scheduled Airlines: RavnAlaska has several flights/day [Anchorage/Homer: www.flyravn.com]
Chartered Float-planes – A DeHavilland "Beaver" is used for the 50 minute direct scenic flight, with costs fluctuating according to weight and current fuel costs:
Cessna-206 1 - 3 passengers, 700# max. load $750
Beaver 4 - 6 passengers (includes kids or light adults) 1,200# max. load $1,50

{Plan on taking taxi-cab rom your hotel lobby at about 7:15am for an 8:00am departure, arriving here about 9:00am}

Hotel Beluga Lake Lodge: 907-235-5995      Bidarka Inn: 907-235-8148

Many folks are in campers/cars throughout Alaska & find it most pracitical to drive to Homer then charter to Seal Bay. There is also a ferry system from Homer & Sewaed to Kodiak, to bring your vehicles.


Our lodge consists of a main log lodge plus 3 log guest cabins of about 1,000 square feet each, plus other out-buildings. The majority of the labor has been done by the Randall family, since 1970, which includes falling/limbing/towing the 18"-24" diameter logs from the surrounding virgin Spruce forest to the construction sights and building the husky buildings, using time-proven log building techniques.

The main lodge is where hearty family-style meals are served at a large oval cedar table, using both local fish & game plus more conventional entrees, home-baked goods (breads/pies/cakes/cookies) with lots of fresh fruits & vegetables. Guests are welcome to relax before & after meals in our comfortable living room where there's a VCR, fireplace and a satellite-TV which allows folks to "tune into planet Earth from Paradise". Also, we have wireless-internet for folks with laptops & iPhones (for latter, only the e-mail/texting will work, no cell-phone calls unless you have Skype, etc.)

Each of the three guest cabins have 2 bedrooms, a spacious living room, a modern bathroom with electricity throughout. Cabins are elegantly rustic, comfy and cozy. Each bedroom has a queen & a twin size bed, frilly curtains, wall-to-wall carpeting, flannel sheets and down comforters. Each living room has several swivel rockers, a day-bed (twin-size), carpeting, a high-tech heater & tasteful appointments. One living-room has a full-size mounted Arctic Wolf which many guests like to have their photos taken with. Another cabin has a bear-skin rug. The nicely decorated bathrooms each have a glass shower, instant hot-water, flush toilet and a sink/vanity cabinet.

All buildings are nestled into a beautiful pristine Spruce forest, on the edge of a saltwater cove. Great views are available from every window. Floatplanes land in an adjacent channel, protected by several small islands and pull up to our floating dock. It’s truly a very choice location. As one guest stated: "There really is an enchanted forest!"

This entire island was originally the Chugach National Forest, as established by President Teddy Roosevelt in the early 1900's. However, it was made part of the new Afognak Island State Park in February of 2001 to protect its unique combination of lush forest, filled with abundant and varied fish & wildlife, from being logged.

We have 3 cabin-cruisers and some skiffs, operated by your USCG licensed guides, who are each wise stewards of this environment. For independent guest use, we have kayaks and a sauna.

A spacious processing room with a commercial vacuum-sealer, walk-in & chest freezers plus insulated shipping boxes are also available for both fish and meat. A new rustic BARn, close to guest cabins, serves as an optional spacious social-center, with a large-screen for DVD's, bar/sink and comfortable seating.

Many happy, wholesome memories have been made in this corner-of-paradise. May you have the opportunity to create some of your own & preserve much of it on film.

Floatplane/Hotel Procedures

Most folks arrive into Kodiak (or Homer) in the late afternoon or evening, from their origin or from other points around Alaska. In most cases, guests overnight in a hotel or B&B then fly out to us early the next morning. There are exceptions.

Via Kodiak (population 15,000) we recommend the Best Western Kodiak Inn (888-563-4254 or local: 907-486-5712) as they are located in Kodiaks' tiny downtown area, overlook both boat-harbors, have a good in-house restaurant and are in walking distance to one harbor & other restaurants. Additionally, they give our guests their "lodge discounted" rate, so please don't overlook telling them you are coming here to gain that savings (about $10/night). From airport, call their local number for a courtesy shuttle pickup.

Additionally, the Comfort Inn (800-544-2202 or local: 907-487-2700) is located across from Kodiak's tiny airport. It’s a very nice hotel with an excellent restaurant and courtesy airport shuttle service.

Be sure to phone the appropriate flying service just as soon as you get to your hotel room to confirm that you'll be waiting at your hotel/B&B the next morning for pickup (or leave detailed message):
Andrew Airways: (907) 487-2566
Island Air: (907) 487-5000

The normal procedure for charter flights is to be picked up at your hotel lobby or B&B about 7:30am, with take-off at 8:30am and arrival at our floating dock by 9am. Often-times, other guests depart when you arrive so the pilots are concerned about moving gear swiftly as the floatplanes usually have full schedules. It’s a 25 minute picturesque flight from Kodiak City to our lodge in Seal Bay.

For your return flight to Kodiak, you should be mostly or completely packed up by 8:00am and bring all or most of your baggage to the main lodge when you come for breakfast as the staff will clean your cabin while you are having breakfast, which is served at 8:00am. Your floatplane should arrive by 9:00am, and you should land in Kodiak by about 10am. Weather (fog, high winds) can sometimes be a factor so it’s not good to schedule your outbound jet to Anchorage until sometime in the afternoon... sure reduces stress. It's a good rule-of-thumb to give yourself at least a half-day time-buffer between travel segments when traveling anywhere in Alaska

Via Homer (population 4,000) there are 2 small floatplane services available for charters: Beluga Lake Floatplane (907-235-8256) with a DeHavilland Beaver, max 6 passengers, 1,200#, $1,100 Northwind Aviation (907-299-7482) with a Cessna-206; maximum 3-4 passengers, 700#, $750.
The 2 closest hotels are: Beluga Lake Lodge – 907-235-5995 and Bidarka Inn – 907-235-8148

After checking into your hotel, please phone your floatplane service to confirm that you’ll be at their office by 7:30am the next morning. If you have your own vehicle, ask them for exact directions. Other-wise, pre-schedule a taxi to pick you up by 7:15am. Your flight should depart about 8am, arriving here about 9:00am after a 50-minute picturesque flight.

For your return flight to Homer, you'll be picked up about 9:00am and be back in Homer about 10:00am but it is wise for you to give yourself a half-day time-buffer before your connecting flight to Anchorage, to minimize missed connections and stress.

Clothing & Equipment

Summer temperatures in our maritime environment are in the 50*–75* range in the shade but can be as high as 80*-115* in the direct sun… Alaskan summers are great. Comfortable cabin-cruisers are the initial transportation to various points of interest then you go ashore. At days end, you can kayak in our protected bay, watch TV/video, relax in a sauna or snooze. . . your choice.

Layering is best - including cotton shirt/blouse/turtleneck; fleece or wool jacket, vest & pants; hat & gloves; a few pairs of moderately warm socks. Fleece outerwear is especially quiet & beneficial for up-close wildlife viewing. Sunglasses. (Laundry – drop off in a.m. & it'll be ready when you return in p.m., so you can travel light.)

Boots – Feel free to bring or mail your knee-high boots or waders. For non-fishermen, any hiking boots would be just fine but keep in mind that we're in a marine environment so your feet may get wet. We have electric boot-dryers in each guest-cabin.

Slip-on shoes - (Berkinstocks, moccasins, Crocs, etc.) - In Alaska, we take our boots/shoes off at the front doors so the great outdoors stays outdoors and our carpeted buildings can stay clean. Otherwise, you can just walk around indoors in your socks, as we do.

Binoculars & Cameras – each boat has a set of quality binoculars which the captain will share but feel free to bring your own. There's a lot to see. Don't forget to bring your camera/video with lots of film & batteries. You'll have 24 hour electric power in your cabin for recharging

Small Flashlight – optional for walking between cabins late at night

Alarm Clock – Thanks to the pure forest & fjord air, many guests sleep deeper here than any place they've been and claim their beds "captured" them. Sometimes, a little help is needed to get the days started. Breakfast is at 8am

Bathing Suit – in case you want to use our sauna or try a refreshing dip in our sheltered saltwater cove.

Bug Spray – There are very few mosquitoes here so just a bit of protection will be more than enough.

Phone/Internet – We have wireless internet at main lodge (for you to use your own laptop) plus 2 VOIP (voice-over-internet-phone) lines therefore no long-distance charges within N. America. Guests are welcome to make short calls but not download movies/music. IPhones do work here when using Skype. Reception is fairly decent.

Personal Effects - tobacco products, liquor, shampoo/conditioner. We do not have a store on the premises and no smoking is allowed in the buildings but you are welcome to smoke outside on the sheltered porches. We do serve limited wine/beer with the evening meals but if you want considerably more or something special, you are welcome to pick some up in Kodiak and bring it with you. You will need to pick up such goods the evening prior to arriving here as those facilities are not open early in the morning.

Kodiak Brown Bear General Hunting Information

For buddy-hunters there is the option of a "Party hunt", with a limit of 2 hunters per application, who are either drawn together or not at all... double or nothing. The success for at least on hunter being drawn is greater if individual applications are submitted. Then, if one is drawn, the other has the option of coming along as a non-hunter for $400/day and expierencing everything the hunter does, except pulling the trigger/arrow. The non-hunter often does the photography &/or videography so is right up where the action if IF the guide deems it sade for you to be there. It's a good deal.

Application Deadlines:

Spring hunts - you have final paperwork/deposit into us no later than the previous November 30th but much earlier is recommended in order to secure a spot. Drawing results of initial 10 permits-winners are published about mid-February of the same Spring to be hunted.

  1. 4/6 - 4/15
  2. 4/16 - 4/25
  3. 4/26 - 5/5
  4. 5/6 - 5/15

Fall hunts - You have final paper/workdeposit into us no later than the previous April 30th but much earlier is recommended in order to secute a spot. Drawing results of initial 6 permit-winner are published in early-July

  1. 10-25 - 11/3
  2. 11/4 - 11/13
  3. 11/14 - 11/23

(1) There is a limit to the number of applicants each Registered Guide can submit so the earlier you get your paperwork squared away with us, the more likely you are guaranteed a spot. We are now booked up about 1 year in advance, due to both our high field success-rate & the pire adventure of the hunt. (2) All hunting dates are equally productive. Please us your 1st, 2nd, & 3rd choice of hunting dates. (3) If you are fully flexible with your dates, please let us know as it's often dificult for us to place hunters if they are not bery flexible.

Regarding the Deposit/Refund Policy

If you are successful in drawing a Kodiak Brown Bear permit, then cancel, you have forfeited your deposit. The State of Alaska doesn't allow re-applications for 2 years in order to spead the opportunities around.

If you are not successful in drawing a bear permit, you can either:

  1. Receive a full refund (except for your hunting license: $85/US residence or $300/aliens)
  2. (a) Wait to see if there is a cancellation then applicant moves up the numbered Alternate List.
    (b) Roll-over your deposit and we will re-apply for you the next season. If there is a hunting rate increase, your deposit will lock-in the initial rate paid for 2 consecutive seasons (1 Spring & 1 Fall).